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Cool Math Games Beavus

Cool Math Games Beavus

Date added: 2015-03-14
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Mouse – jump


Play cool math games Beavus online to escort the cute round animal in this unique trek! You bet love cool math games Beavus because they are fun, lovely and strategic, but not brain-harmed. Recognize the logs over there? Figure out a suitable way to reach them. When you have passed all wooden blocks like those, an exit made of tree would appear. Make a good path toward it too. Eventually, our friend can move on the following part. Jump on springs for tons of ecstasy. Meanwhile, avoid the rig saw traps. Ah! Feel so wonderful! Remember not to jump too high or he gets staked. Beavus is likely to run in two sides. You need to take full advantage of the set up blowing up system in supporting his jump. Beavus game does not restrict the age ranges despite belonging to cool math games for kids; anyone, in fact, can take part in freely. Why not now guys!

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