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Donkey Kong Cool Math

Donkey Kong Cool Math

Date added: 2015-02-08
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Oh dear! Listen! Someone is calling for help in donkey kong cool math. Actually, fun it should be these donkey kong games. A little poor girl was kidnapped and locked at the top of a dark tower. Hero-to-be is there to offer the rescue in time. However, the mission would not be so easy to be fulfilled. You have to cross over many fire barrels falling relentlessly out of an evil intention. Avoid any collision or hit, or else you will fail the endeavour. Take strives and run fast to climb up the ladders. The path is speculated to be quite hard. Just remember one thing of not getting crashed. Finally, you approach the ape, also being the last obstacle. Sneak or do anything to stay away from its attack and culminate the girl saving. Bear in mind the rules! Cool math games like such play surely meet your expectation.

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