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Draw My Thing Omgpop Draw Something

Draw My Thing Omgpop Draw Something

Date added: 2015-01-27
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Use your mouse to draw something follow the request
Answer in blogger chat.


Draw My Thing Omgpop is already in PC, join this cool math games to draw something and guess what others draw. Play Draw Something online game you will have a real relaxing time. You can chat with others while you play the game. The rule is very simple use your mouse like a pen, drawing to describe your word for people guess. There are many stools in the bottom of the screen, you can change color or our pen. The room can content up seven people, you can play with a group of your friend for more fun. When the host gives you the word, try your best to show what is it? Remember that when you have a right answer, you will get mark. If you guess it first, you will receive a high mark, the point will reduce follow the time. Draw something now. Hope you have fun and get high mark.

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