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Minecraft Creeper Diamond 3

Minecraft Creeper Diamond 3

Date added: 2015-03-12
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Arrow keys – move
Spacebar – jump


Rush the greenish above blocks of ice while avoiding lava shift now! Minecraft Diamond cool math says hello for Minecraft Creeper Diamond 3. You must have facsimiled with the principle running Minecraft Creeper Diamond if the older version of Creeper Diamond 2 did not escape you’re playing. Of course, how could you say no to such an intriguing? Now, likewise, begin the adventure games to help our character reach the mine of diamond. The quest for treasure foresees numerous challenges and long-lasting. Jump high and fast as you can. Control the run skillfully but note that there will be some checkpoints. When you unfortunately set him into the lava shifts, the creeper would be turned back the latest checkpoint. Hence, not to waste energy besides time, watch out each jump. Hope you guys have a wonderful time with cool math games Creeper Diamond and do not forget to invite your friends in!

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