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Creeper Diamond

Creeper Diamond

Date added: 2015-03-09
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Use left/right arrow keys to move between left/right
Press spacebar to jump


Loyal fans all around hurriedly master Creeper Diamond game! Like its born title, Creeper Diamond cool math belongs to adventure games. It means you will get a chance to soak your leisure time into so many fantastic ventures. This specific Minecraft Creeper Diamond tells a tale in which the green creature jumps over the obstacles that normally are blocks, lava shifts and pass checkpoints. Along his journey, escort party must recognize the risk of those red regions. When letting him fall into them, you have to return back the latest checkpoint. Don’t retreat anyway. Continue jumping like you have never tasted such great ecstasy. Rush though the high walls meanwhile watch out the steps. Keep the patient till reach the end because it would be quite a long trek. Wish for more same series? Do play Creeper Diamond 2 and Creeper Diamond 3 cool math already available! Say yes right away and invite friends for mutual performance. Good luck!

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