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Cool Maths Games Donuteria

Cool Maths Games Donuteria

Date added: 2015-03-14
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Papas Donuteria is the best in the world. Once you join in papas Donuteria Flipline studios, may it still remain the fame? Make all clear with cool math games Donuteria right here! First do first. Make up our character to impress the customer. You know? Fashion also means important when doing business. When the preparation completes, open the shop immediately. Receive the orders from customers, follow the directions step by step like drag the power, roll it, fry it in oil, wait for a while, remove out, dip into the suitable flavor and top it with cream. Finally, deliver it to the customer; wait for his or her marking. You will receive a bill equal to the score given. Hence, it is suggested that you comply with the orders, meet the customers’ expectation so that the highest profit. Make an effort to run the work quickly because there are still so many other guests waiting for their turns since this is the peak time of the year for tourism. Bless your working day!

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