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Cool Math Games Wheely

Cool Math Games Wheely

Date added: 2015-03-12
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Play cool math games Wheely to entertain the leisure moments buddies! Turn around and around Wheely cool math games till the destination. But first, at the garage, wear on the frame and color your car, choose the wheels, select the door opt to your personal taste and now dear car is ready for a ride. Bridge or lift its path, do whatever you can to create favorable conditions so that you can reach the final line marked by the red flag. Players will have to tackle various complicated systemic design. Thus, figure out the best ways to pass over them. For example, you might face the X-ray scam. Avoid it at any cost. How to do it? Watch out the radars’ dimensions. Disguise our car to escape the scanning, blow it up or use the gigantic machine to suck the car, wait for the traffic sign and complete the round, etc. Easy, isn’t it?

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