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Stickman Freeride

Stickman Freeride

Date added: 2015-03-06
plays 508
40 4.0 / 10 40
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Use up arrow to speed up, down arrow to brake
Use left thearrow to lean left, right arrow to lean right
Hit spacebar if you want to jump, tap key “R” if you want to reset the game.


Stickman Freeride is a new cool BMX games Unblocked, and it exists with Stickman Freerides unblocked games. You might manage to find some new cycling games in order to throw your tiredness, your blues away, and then you got it. Stickman freeride hacked can bring to you a whole new look with unique design, you will not feel boring anymore when playing this game. if you are interested, get ready to restore your game store with Stickman. Stickman Freeride game with outstanding graphics;specific map enclosing levels can help you imagine clearly about this journey. Just using the bicycle and pressing the up arrow on the keyboard to move forward but you should remember the time length to get best bonuses in the game. In addition, you can obtain some achievements in order to earn more cashes bonus, the more you earn, the easier you can buy anew bicycle. There is also a garage with some useful tools for you to repair your bicycle. Now, do not hesitate, let’s give a shot at play Stickman Freerides unblocked games.

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