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Dream Car Racing Evo

Dream Car Racing Evo

Date added: 2015-05-25
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Use arrow keys or keys WASD to control and move the vehicle
Press spacebar to boost



Continue to perform your designing skill with Dream Car Racing Evo unblocked, fellows! This is a brand new edition of the Dream Car Racing Cool Math series, which can increase your joyfulness once joining. So, do not skip it if you want to fly high your creativity! In this version, there will be more features and challenges that require the attendants’ conquering. Your objective is none other than building up your owndreamy car based on your ideas. After creating, get yourself ready for the fascinating races out there. Make an effort to drive your vehicles, pass all the obstacles on your way and earn more cash to buy new enhancements. Okay, now you got basic details about the game, let’s join it now to prove your skills at! Much fun!

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