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Cyclomaniacs Epic

Cyclomaniacs Epic

Date added: 2015-03-06
plays 425
40 4.0 / 10 40
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Use up arrow/letter “W” to speed up, down arrow/letter “S” to brake
Use left arrow/letter “A” to lean back, right arrow/letter “D” to lean forward
Hit spacebar or hit letter “X” to jump.


Cyclomaniacs Epic cool math games is a new game of BMX games unblocked. If you are looking for the game which is more competitive, then Cyclomaniacs Epic 2 is a reasonable option for you to try. This is a good way for you to entertain and release your tiredness after doing homework or working under the pressure. Cyclomaniacs Epic is different from other cycling games, it requires you the fastness and flexibility but it is still more interest than any other games. You will feel wonderful and competitive while playing, you need to defeat all of the opponents in this game to complete the competition and rank first. Do not worry if you can’t figure out your player because it will be marked number above. There are also a lot of tips and hints to guide and instruct you to play it. Furthermore, Cyclomaniacs Epic also hacked supports you some useful tools to play like stunts or boost. Now, let’s enjoy the game!

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