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Crazy Squirrel

Crazy Squirrel

Date added: 2015-03-06
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40 4.0 / 10 40
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Use left/right arrows to turn left or right
Hit spacebar to jump
Grab the wrenches to repair your ride when your wheels get damaged.


Crazy Squirrel Cool Math is a kind of wonderful cool math games for children. This BMX games unblocked is similar to Crazy Bear but it is still cooler and, of course, it is also a good way to entertain after some weary hours of doing homework or difficult tasks. Crazy squirrel world games is a classic game, but you could not deny all of its advantages that bring to you. You will feel free and enjoy the coolest journey in this game. Apparently, there are a lot of obstacles that you need to pass. Do not worry, all you just do is to use helpful items to complete the journey. You also have three objects to choose, such as skateboard, bicycle or car. Every object you choose will make your journey more interesting. Now, no more hesitation, let’s give a try for the crazy squirrel games.

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