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Crazy Bear Game - BMX Games

Crazy Bear Game - BMX Games

Date added: 2015-03-03
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Use the left and right arrows if you want to go left and right
Hit the spacebar whenever you need to jump
That would be a big help for you when you use the Spanners in case you break your bike or skateboard.


Crazy Bear is another of BMX games. Are you fed up with the old games in your game store? And you are looking for the new online game? If you are stressed and feel like you “do-not-want-to-do-anything”, Crazy Bear games free online is not only the best choice but also a good way to release your tiredness. Crazy Bear with a unique design can bring to you new feeling, you will feel fresh after playing it. This game is also a fabulous world for you to enter, just imagine that you are that Crazy Bear in your own world and you are the ones who want to do something crazy in your own way. Now, are you ready to play? Let’s try crazy bear games to solve your problem.

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