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Car Racing Dream 2 Games

Car Racing Dream 2 Games

Date added: 2015-01-29
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Press S or down arrow key to break
Press W or up arrow key to speed up
Press left, right or A/D to control the other sides
Press the spacebar or Z to jump


Oh my mind! Watch out your back! Car racing dream 2 games are coming near buddies! In particularly, are you ready for dream car racing 2? It assures a fresh, cool and wow amazing feeling. Never lose such a good rush! First, observe the terrain that you are going to race on. Design your car suitable to it. Try to finish the mean assembling quickly. After that, immediately ignite the engine and race like a rocket. You can sense the exciting bouncing meanwhile performing spectacle circles. But be aware of the extreme slopes, ups and downs coz they might lead to clumsy reactions and eventually cause your falling. Try to produce more impressive jumping than your opponents. Hence, earn yourself a higher score. Each time when you finish a round, a different terrain will there to welcome its conqueror. Don’t be slow, but be fast in such dream car racing 2 game! Hope you much enjoyment!

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