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Zombie Assault

Zombie Assault

Date added: 2015-02-04
plays 278
50 5.0 / 10 50
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WASD to move, click left mouse to shoot
Press QE to change the weapon


Every thing about Zombie games is always hot. Why don’t you join Zombie Assault to discover? This game is quite like Zombie Tower Defense, but it’ll bring you mystery and terrible feeling. You are put in a desolate city, there is no one but zombies. Try to pick your gun up and shooting them. Press WASD for movement, cleft mouse click to shoot, and QE to change your weapon. Do you dare to test it? Try it now, I’m sure that you will eagerly wait for Zombie Assault 2, Zombie Assault 3, Zombie Assault 4 to come up to enjoy games on Cool Math For Kids.

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