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Gumball: Water Sons Cool Math

Gumball: Water Sons Cool Math

Date added: 2015-01-30
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It is so hot and hot here! Help to cool down, gumball: Water sons! The task thus in this gumball game is to throw the water ball right to your friends. Bring the good feelings to everyone and satisfy their thirst right away. Look! Some people get surrounded by obstacles. The task, thus, would be much more difficult.For this reason, in order to reach their positions, you simply shoot the stones so that the stuffs would be crushed and finally manage to fire the objects precisely. The hints are that you aim right to them, navigate the angles. Laser gun will help you define the destination more easily. The deeper you step your feet into, the harder the play surely becomes. Try to reach the targets with the least hits. Be hurried young buddies! Hope you have a great time and good luck to everybody in gumball water son games!

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